Mesogun or Lipogun GT417


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It is a precision machine and technology, with this gun mesotherapy can be injected nutrient intradermal level , ensuring that the area absorbs a high percentage of the applied substance , additionally has the assurance that every application made have the same dose increasingly , more speed and less pain doing the most pleasant procedures.

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With this equipment you can make treatment of platelet-rich plasma, multivitamins, hyaluronic acid, trace elements and others.

Benefits of mesogun

  • Reducing pain during the procedure making it less traumatic
  • Control over the exact amount of each product application
  • Security and the needle enters the skin only one I programmed
  • Less time in each treatment
  • Control over the amount of punctures
  • The customer will feel more secure because they are using a computer application

Technical details

You can:

  • Schedule point to point shots or bursts
  • Gauge the depth of the needle
  • Graduate the speed and amount of each puncture
  • Set the amount of substance injected into each puncture thus ensuring uniformity across the area to be


    Use different sizes of needles
    Counting points

Technical Specifications

  • Gun High quality plastic polymer
  • Programming unit in metal casing
  • Pressure buttons
  • Screen
  • Electrical fuse protection
  • Size: L43 * W35 * H14m
  • G.W. : 4.2kg
  • Power: 10W
  • 110V / 220V

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